British Saints for September

I’m introducing the first month of a calendar of British saints!

September: An anchoress, an abbess, an Anglo-Saxon princess and two Archbishops of Canterbury.

I have selected five British saints for each month of the year and I will share them here and on my website for you to reference or print off and use.

In addition to this I will continue to use Instagram and my blog (link in profile) to share the stories and historical contexts of these lovely people along with the places that we associate with them.

All the saints are pre-schism. That means they lived before the split that divided the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, so these saints are recognised by Christians from both Western and Eastern traditions. In addition to this I’ve tried to represent men and women, different eras of Christian history and the nations of England, Scotland and Wales. 

It is a personal choice rooted in the places and people that have helped me navigate some big faith questions and I share them gladly with anyone seeking to make a spiritual connection with the landscape and history of the places where we live. 

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